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It's been a while!

Well it's a bit sad that we are now well through September and this is the first post of 2017. That is partly a reflection of our lack of activity on X-Pat due to other things and partly just being lazy. 
After arriving in Mooloolaba in December 2016, we basically just stayed there through until March 2017, doing a few day trips but not a lot else. On 6th March we waved goodbye to Mooloolaba and headed south, initially to The Boatworks at Coomera for the annual service and then back north to Newport Marina, just north of Brisbane where we decided to keep X-Pat whilst we were away on numerous land based trips. 
The trip between Coomera and Newport became a well trodden path after we discovered a leak following the initial service. To cut a long story short this turned out, to be due to poor sealing between the internal side of the hull and the engine tray onto which the sail drive sealed. The area was disturbed during the service, which included replacing the sail drive seal. We don&…