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Great Barrier Island with Friends

It’s always nice to have friends come to visit us as we plod our way around exotic places, but it does require some preparation so that they don’t find out how we really live on the boat!
After leaving Whangaparapara we headed south again to Tryphena, primarily to do the laundry, which hadn’t been done for 3 weeks! We battled south in a nasty Force 6 easterly and at one point had to divert into Blind Bay to get the headsail completely furled and then crept around the coast with the engine, avoiding the large seas. We were relieved to get anchored in Puriri Bay and then ashore to investigate the laundry facilities. Unfortunately we were out of luck as they only operate in the morning when the generator is running. There are downsides to living off the grid!
So, on Monday we had a busy day doing the laundry and then the provisioning for our last few weeks aboard X-Pat. Our friends Mal and Ange arrived early evening and we rather conveniently met them in our favourite Irish Pub for a few b…