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Wide Bay Bar, Mooloolaba and how to run aground!

It was a fairly windy final few days in the Great Sandy Strait, but our trusty anchor held us firmly in place. We managed to get ashore at Fig Tree Creek and did a bit of a beach cleanup and had a walk.

We then headed down to Tin Can Inlet. This was a little busier than we expected but nice all the same. There were a lot of boats anchored and moored down here but we found a good spot near Norman Point and went ashore for a very welcomed shower and a very expensive coffee and cake! That’ll teach us to have cake for breakfast.
We then moved back north to Pelican Bay. This lived up to it’s reputation and we had good views of about 15 pelicans sitting on the sandbank next to us, along with some eastern curlew.
The winds moderated on Wednesday, but still from the north and so we decided to take the opportunity to get across the infamous Wide Bay Bar in relatively benign conditions. The sand bar lies across the entrance at the bottom end of Fraser Island and is only a few metres deep. We cross…

Great Sandy Strait

We left the comfort of the Burnett River on 28th November and once more headed out to the high seas. Unfortunately the wind was a persistent east or south east and so we were bashing into it and heeled over for much of the way down the coast. We had reefs in and out at various points but safely made it down to the relative shelter of Hervey Bay, although our first anchorage off Torquay Beach was a bit uncomfortable.
Then we had a short motor across the bay to Kingfisher Bay on the west side of Fraser Island. We saw lots of birds feeding in the bay. The mackerel and the birds all chase the baitfish and it makes for quite a spectacular feeding frenzy. I had fun trying to get some photos of the action.

At Kingfisher Bay we said goodbye to X-Pat for a couple of days, whilst we went and lived it up at the Kingfisher Bay Resort. The accommodation and food were both wonderful and we had a room with a verandah looking out over a small lake, so it was great fun watching the wildlife.
Yesterday we…