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Walks, Hola and a Pub!

We’ve been doing quite a few walks since the last blog. Last Saturday we went ashore at Bush Beach in Kaiarara Bay and set off on the Kaiarara bush trail. This turned out to be a bit more arduous than we had envisaged, with a lot of up and down hills, climbing over fallen trees and slipping around on the mud. It didn't help that Pat’s advice to Debi was that she wouldn’t need her hiking boots and would be fine in sandals! Wrong! She spent a lot of the first part of the walk sliding around as she tried to descend some very steep muddy slopes. After dropping down into the adjacent bay we then had a massive climb back out to eventually hit what is known as Forest Road which is a dirt track and a little easier walking. This road then seemed to go on forever, often in what seemed like completely the wrong direction. We were very poorly equipped with no map, no food and had visions of spending the night huddled in a hut somewhere. However, things eventually came right and 5.5 hours and …

Great Barrier Island

We have now made it to the beautiful Great Barrier Island and we are going to be here for a while!
We left Huruchi Harbour on Great Mercury Island on Monday on yet another windless day. We do seem to pick our days. We motor sailed the 25nm to Tryphena on the south west side of Great Barrier Island and found ourselves a nice anchorage. The next day we moved around to Puriri Bay to get an improved internet signal (always a priority) and just chilled out there. Pat spent the morning servicing all of the winches, so that they are all nicely greased and sounding good.
On Wednesday we decided we should get ashore and explore. We set off in quite changeable weather with a bit of rain. It was high tide when we went ashore and so we tied the dinghy so far up the beach that it was tied up to  road sign! Then we set off up the road and carried on walking up and up and up. The weather cleared and so we just kept walking and ended up across the other side of the island at Medlands Beach. This is a b…

A Casual Cruise Northwards

The last week has been very relaxed. The wind has been SE to NE to E at 20 knots or more and so we have been cautious about how far we sail as the seas have been getting quite rough. From Tapuaetahi we had a fairly boisterous sail up to Cook’s Bay within Great Mercury Bay. We had a full main and most of the headsail out and were somewhat overpowered. Our track reflects our rather erratic course as we were bearing away during the strong gusts. Cook’s Bay turned out to be quite a rolly anchorage as the big swell came in from the east, but it was ok for one night and we managed to pour the wine without spilling it and watch a nice sunset. 
On Tuesday we headed across Great Mercury Bay to Matapaua Bay to shelter from a NE change and to get away from the rolly conditions. This was a short but unpleasant trip in heavy drizzle. Whilst we found shelter from the wind the rolling just continued. With rain for most of the day we did a few jobs inside.
On Wednesday we escaped Matapaua and motored n…