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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Day 15 - Maria Island

We had a relaxed motor from Orford for this morning and arrived on the west side of Maria Island in Shoal Bay around midday. There was a southerly breeze for most of the day and despite what you my think from the pictures it was actually quite cold.

Maria Island is a national park and was historically used as a penal colony. We went ashore for a few hours and managed to walk a massive 6km, quite a shock to the system. The island is lovely and quiet and the beach in the bay that we are anchored in must be well over a mile long. We saw a few wallabies in the bush and visited the remains of the prisoners cells. We finished off with a rather wet ride in the dinghy back to X-Pat but have now recovered with a few G&T's on deck.

Anchored in Shoal Bay, Maria Island
The remains of the cells

Maria Island looking South
Shoal Bay


  1. Have you been for a snorkel? Do you have an underwater camera?

  2. The water is $)(;:/@@ cold! No way I'm going in there.

  3. What about Pat? Surely it has nothing on the Antartic... a little bit of dutch courage and you'll be fine ;)

  4. I did go in at Orford but the visibility was poor and not much to see. I may get brave again, but it's still only 18 degC

  5. Went in today. Pat snorkelled but I don't have a wetsuit so I just swam. Pat said the snorkelling was excellent so I'll have to buy a wetsuit in Hobart and snorkel on our way back.


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