Days 17-19 - A Peaceful Christmas followed by the Southern Ocean

We had a nice quiet Christmas in a good anchorage in Port Arthur. We spent Christmas Day wandering around the historic site. It was nice to get ashore! However it rained all day on Boxing day and so our planned trip to the tudor style Fox and Hounds Inn had to be abandoned! Then yesterday we did our next big sail from Port Arthur around to Hobart via Cape Raoul. The remains of the southerly front that hit the Sydney to Hobart race were still lingering so it was a bit lively and of course on the nose, which is never pleasant and made progress very slow.

We are not quite sure what happened but during one nasty gust the clew ring ripped out of the mainsail. So we had to reduce to a single reef which slowed us even more. But we dealt with it and eventually got into the marina at the Royal Yacht Club Tasmania, where we will be for a few days. This'll be a combination of seeing friends, the Sydney Hobart race and getting the boat fixed!

Into the South Westerly

Leaving Port Arthur

Arriving Hobart

Safely tied up at the Royal Yacht Club Tasmania

One ripped clew and Cape Raoul in the background


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