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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Day 6 - Huskisson and another Blow

Things almost went to plan today! We motored across to Huskisson and picked up a mooring, then went ashore in the dinghy with our foldable trolley. Debi picked up a few provisions whist I went and got 40 litres of diesel to top up the tanks. In the meantime the weather had got up a bit and so we had a few dramas trying to get back to the boat. The main issue was trying to launch off the beach with a dinghy full of stuff. Debi managed to fall over the side and then a wave broke over the dinghy and filled it and our shopping with water! At that point a kind local swimmer came and gave us a hand and we successfully got away. A few more lessons learnt. The weather continued to build to 25 knots of wind and so we decided to book Ash into a hotel for the night whilst Debi and I sit out here on a mooring riding out the storm. It's subsiding now and so we should be ok to pick him and his hangover  up in the morning! Hey ho all good fun!

Moored at Callala Beach, Jervis Bay 

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