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Monday, 21 December 2015

Days 13-14 - Chilling

Wow this PredictWind Tracker has us doing some pretty mad things! It doesn't like it when we sit still and so seems to make up positions.

We motor sailed from Wineglass Bay to Spring Bay on Saturday and sat out another big blow but this time on anchor, which all went well. We then managed to get Ash ashore on Sunday so that he could get his flight back and so we are back to two persons on board.

We then moved to a mooring at Shelley Beach, Orford. Today we spent the morning ashore which was nice though not a lot was happening in Orford. Scallop pie and chips for lunch though! Our intrepid trolley came in handy again.

We tried a spot of fishing today but failed miserably. So I went in with the snorkel and mask to check out what the problem was. Note to self - 18 degC is bloody freezing even in a wet suit!

We developed a few engine issues yesterday, but checked back with our mechanic in Sydney today and he seems to think it's a minor issue so shouldn't be a problem. 


Sunset from below deck

The end of a relaxing day

The intrepid trolley and driver!

1 comment:

  1. "She'll be right mate! "

    Good to hear the engine issues aren't too serious :)


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