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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Great Sandy Strait

We left the comfort of the Burnett River on 28th November and once more headed out to the high seas. Unfortunately the wind was a persistent east or south east and so we were bashing into it and heeled over for much of the way down the coast. We had reefs in and out at various points but safely made it down to the relative shelter of Hervey Bay, although our first anchorage off Torquay Beach was a bit uncomfortable.

The Burnett River
Then we had a short motor across the bay to Kingfisher Bay on the west side of Fraser Island. We saw lots of birds feeding in the bay. The mackerel and the birds all chase the baitfish and it makes for quite a spectacular feeding frenzy. I had fun trying to get some photos of the action.

Feeding Frenzy

Common Tern

Mackerel and terns fight for the bait fish

The one that got away!

At Kingfisher Bay we said goodbye to X-Pat for a couple of days, whilst we went and lived it up at the Kingfisher Bay Resort. The accommodation and food were both wonderful and we had a room with a verandah looking out over a small lake, so it was great fun watching the wildlife.
Another classic turtle pose

Yesterday we hired a 4WD vehicle and went touring around the beautiful Fraser Island, visiting the beaches and the lakes. Debi drove the whole way, which was 7 hours driving.  She seems to have acquired a taste for off road driving now and to her credit didn’t get us stuck once! For my part I now have a swollen knee from bracing myself in the navigators seat for 7 hours! We saw one dingo sniffing around one of the car parks for food and did a nice dawn chorus walk this morning before we left.

Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island

Car and Driver

The rainforest

Wreck of the Maheno

Wreck of the Maheno

Tourist planes landing on the beach

The motorway on Fraser Island

Perched Lake

Tannin stained water from the nearby tea trees
After a rather wet dinghy ride back out to the boat (due to wind and waves) we have now motored down the coast of Fraser Island a few miles and are once again sitting in what seems like quite an exposed anchorage. I’m not sure why I can’t pick more sheltered places. Hopefully the wind will obey the forecast and die down over the next few hours.

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