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Sunday, 27 November 2016


It was an early start yesterday (5am) to leave Pancake Creek for a big sail down the coast to Bundaberg. The winds were light to start with, but built during the day. We did a little bit of motor sailing but for the bulk of the time we had the engine off. The last five hours were fairly full on with us reaching at 7.5 to 8 kts and water over the decks. We had one rogue wave hit us from the side and were thankful that we had lifejackets and harnesses on at this point! We covered the 67 nm in 10.5 hrs including motoring out of Pancake Creek and up the Burnett River in Bundaberg so the intervening bit was quite quick!

On our way to Bundaberg

We anchored in the lower reaches of the Burnett River. Bundaberg is actually about 8 miles up the river. Today we decided to take the dinghy up the river for the six miles from our anchorage to Bundaberg to visit the famous rum distillery. It was a bit of a trek for our little dinghy and took about 1.5 hours. As we pulled into the public wharf to tie up Debi discovered that the distillery was just closing for the day! Not impressed. So we went for a beer instead at a nice local brewhouse. 

At anchor in the Burnett River
Bundaberg Distillery - Closed!
Smiling because at this stage Debi didn't know it was closed
Bagara Brewhouse
We had a nice walk through some local wetlands and then it was back on the dinghy for the trip back down the river. It's a nice way to see the river, with lots of Sunday fishing boats out and lots of birdlife. We saw a beautiful kingfisher, egrets, herons, eagles and also a couple of dolphins.

Wetland Park, Bundaberg
Fishing boats on the Burnett River
Tomorrow it's back out to sea and off to Hervey Bay.

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