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Monday, 21 November 2016

Still tied up

Well it's been a long week in the marina. Most of the jobs are now complete and Debi is back from her trip to Sydney. However the weather is not playing ball. We have had consistent 25 knots of wind from the south east for the last five days. South east is where we want to go! 

So we have got ourselves fully provisioned for the next three weeks and have done some nice walks along the coast whilst waiting for the weather. I did a beach cleanup on Kemp Beach. It still amazes me how much plastic is on these beaches.

Today we are hiring a car and going to stay on a cattle farm for a night. Nearby Rockhampton is tagged as the beef capital of Australia so we thought it would be interesting to go and take a look. So we will have a night off the boat which will be my first night off for a few months! We'll be back tomorrow.

It currently looks like the earliest we will get away is Wednesday, when the plan is to sail to Cape Capricorn. Hopefully the wind and waves will have subsided by then.

Stormy Skies

Kemp Beach

The not so super moon

Keppel Bay Marina

A windy day on Kemp Beach

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