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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Houston we have a problem...

Today we discovered why our vhf radio was not working properly. After the electrician had spent ages trying to find a fault he finally went up our mast to check the antenna only to discover that it wasn't there!  We think the previous electrician, while fixing our anemometer, had removed it as it was looking a bit dodgy, and then forgot to replace it!  Certainly explains why nobody could hear us.  Fortunately a relatively easy problem to resolve. 

We're enjoying our time off here in southport marina. Alice and Debi went for a run on the beautiful beach down the road and then we all walked into the town to buy a few odds and ends. Then it was time for sundowners on the deck watching a beautiful sunset.  Tough life this!  

It's looking like we will set off again for a short motor along the inside of the seaway on Thursday. 

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