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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Back on the Water

Finally we got back out on the water today and it was an opportunity to play with the new toys on Moreton Bay. Unfortunately the weather didn't play ball but we managed.

First up was to get familiar with the new Raymarine Axiom plotters, including one at the helm and the new auto pilot. Coming out through the Newport channel was simplified by having the plotter at the helm. We then went through the commissioning of the autopilot, getting the magnetic deviation calibrated and then successfully steered a course to a way point. Bob, as our autopilot is affectionately known, did a fine job of getting us to this initial waypoint and then steering us across Moreton Bay in a 30 knot south easterly! It's good to have him back onboard!

Next up, we got out our storm jib and hoisted it. This is not something that we are planning to use, but it seems mad that we have had the thing in the sail locker for seven years and never tried it out. From the look of it, I don't think the previous owner had used it either. All went well and we now know how to get it all rigged up.

Ironically after we took the storm jib down and got ready to hoist our new furling genoa, the wind built to 30 knots and so we decided to hold off on the genoa and motor across to Moreton island where things were all a bit more sheltered. In hindsight we would have been better off putting the storm jib back up!

Once we got across the bay we got the genoa up and with Debi on the helm we were doing 7 knots, close hauled with no main. The genoa is not too big but we will have a go at reefing it over the next few days, to get used to it.  We are hoping it turns out to be a very useful cruising sail.

We are now anchored in the lee of Moreton Island and things are looking very grey with occasional showers. The forecast does not look good for tomorrow and so it may be the opportunity to test out the other new feature on X-Pat, new mattresses!

New Flexima Mattress in starboard aft cabin

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  1. Must be good to get back out Dad!! New mattress looks comfy!


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