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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Marina Time

Well we got lazy and just stayed in May's Bay until Friday, just chilling out and watching the turtles. Then we headed across to Abell Point Marina on Friday morning for the weekend. Time to fix stuff, re-provision, do the laundry and shower!

We had more fun with the furler when we came to furl the headsail. Yet again it wouldn't furl and so again the sail is lying on the deck. It wasn't much fun getting it down with the wind gusting 30 knots! We've had yet another look at it and hope it is fixed this time.

We also attempted to do an oil change on the engine as it was well overdue. This all went well until we tried to get the old oil filter off. It would not budge, despite going out and buying a filter wrench. We are now awaiting a mechanic to take a look on Monday.

Our friends Paul and Anna are joining us today and sailing with us for the next week. So this afternoon we will be provisioning and getting things ready for a hopeful departure tomorrow (mechanic permitting!).
Draining the engine oil, just before discovering that the old filter was stuck.

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