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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Still Here!

Well it has to be said that the poor blog has been sadly neglected. This is partly down to the absolutely appalling level of mobile coverage in the Whitsunday Islands and partly down to what happens when you delegate the blogging to the crew!

Coincidentally the last time we blogged we were sitting in Homestead Bay on Cid Island, which is exactly where we are now. But we have moved! After a few days in the marina and a quick trip back to Sydney, we have been randomly sailing through these islands, basically heading wherever we feel like on the day and wherever the wind is blowing.

We've seen some great wildlife, with turtles in the bays, sea eagles, stone curlews and a lot of friendly swallows, who seem to enjoy flying through our boat! We have even managed to do some beach cleanups (see tideline.com.au).

We have had Gillian and Lewis onboard for a few days, when we managed to do a bit of sailing, snorkelling and a lot of eating! It has to be said that the chef and chief provisioner has been brilliant so far. However we are currently heading into the last week of a three week stretch without re-provisioning  so the tins and dried food are starting to appear! 

We have another week with just the two of us and then we have friends and family arriving for the following two weeks before we start heading south. The mobile coverage has been so bad that we have renewed the sat phone contract and so our tracking is back for all to see.

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks:

One of our friendly swallows

Another day, another remote beach

Challenging conditions!

The view from Mount Oldfield, Lindeman Island

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