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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Great Barrier Reef

Monday (10th) was a bit of a full day! We dropped our mooring at Maureen’s Cove at 0600 and headed north for Bait reef. This is the closest part of the outer reef and the true barrier reef. Despite the forecast for light winds we ended upwith 20 knots gusting 25 knots and made great progress over the 17 miles. Things were busy when we got there, with all six moorings taken. After a little bit of lively discussion with one other boats over the radio, we managed to get a mooring for a couple of hours and did some great snorkelling. Then it was off back to Hook Island.

We had a an issue with our furling line when we got back and had to drop the head sail and replace the furling line which was badly chaffed. All part of living on a boat.

We finally settled down to sundowners in Stonehaven Bay at about 1730, which is late for us! 

Yesterday we thought we would have an easy day with about a 10 mile motor sail south. However, we made the mistake of unfurling the headsail which we thought was now fixed. No such luck! Furling line everywhere and so down came the head sail again.  And, just to finish it off ,the sheets started flogging and broke one of the sheaves on the starboard car. Grrrr!

So today we have sat still in the beautiful May’s Bay. The furler is fixed (we think) and the car has a temporary fix but the headsail is still lying on the deck!

We have swum and snorkelled and walked on the beach and also done our bit for marine conservation by catching absolutely no fish at all!

Bait Reef, Great Barrier Reef

Bait Reef, Great Barrier Reef
Bait Reef, Great Barrier Reef

X-Pat moored on the Great Barrier Reef
Unique creature found on Barrier Reef!

We seem to see turtles in most bays that we anchor in

Mangroves at low tide in May's Bay

Paddling in May's Bay

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