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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Day 27 - D'Entrecasteaux Channel

Today we have had a lovely sail down D'Entrecasteaux channel. We departed Sykes Cove relatively early and motored across to Kettering to refill with fuel. So far we have used 140 litres of fuel and travelled 855 nm. That's 1583km a much better fuel consumption than my car! 

We then set sail for Tinpot Bay. Our guide during our gastronomic tour of Bruny Island was from a sailing family and so she tipped us off that this was a beautiful bay. We had a lovely sail down the channel, though everywhere we go the wind seems to be on our nose. 

We saw lots of fish farms, farming atlantic salmon and a great view of a seal who was feasting on a large fish, possibly an escapee from the fish farm! 

We are now anchored in Tinpot Bay at the southern end of South Bruny Island. Our guide was certainly right about this being a nice bay, but a lot of other locals seem to know it as well so it has filled up a bit this evening. 

D'Entrecasteaux Channel

Arriving at Kettering

Debi enjoying the summer weather with a summer drink!

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