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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Day 30 - Dover but no White Cliffs

It's been a bit of a grey stormy day today. No rain but quite windy. We reluctantly said goodbye to Southport and headed north for the 10 nm trip to Dover. The wind was a cold south easterly so we had it behind us, but not too pleasant.

We safely anchored near to an old derelict jetty and took the dinghy ashore. There is a caravan park in the town so we managed to get some hot showers there which was nice. We then had a short walk around the town and stocked up on a few provisions. We then got very wet coming back on the dinghy as the wind and waves were blowing straight at us. Things are easing a bit now and we are settling down to steak for supper!

Our anchorage in Dover

Our anchorage in Dover

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