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Friday, 8 January 2016

Day 32 - Cygnet

We had a lazy 10 nm motor around the corner to Cygnet and anchored just near the Cygnet Sailing Club. We initially managed to anchor in a beautifully clear area with no other boats and then I saw the sign: "Race start line - please keep clear". Given that it's Saturday tomorrow we thought it was a good idea to move!

We went ashore and met Gillian and Lewis who are now onboard with us for a few days. This place is beautiful. I could live here. It has an estuary with over 70 species of birds, a yacht club with available moorings, beautiful views and houses that are about a third of the price of Sydney! It also has a wooden boat building industry. 

There is a folk festival on here this weekend but it has largely sold out and they were asking Sydney prices for the warm up evening tonight so we decided to retire to the boat for the evening. 

Cygnet Estuary


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