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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Day 50 - 51 Chillin in the Harbour

We managed to get through Australia Day celebrations all the way to the fireworks, aided by a little siesta part way through the day. There was a great atmosphere on the water, with lots of boats flying flags and decorated in Aussie themes. We had jets and helicopters flying over, parades of boats of all shapes and sizes and barge with a massive speaker system playing party music for most of the afternoon. A great day all finished off with a fireworks display in the evening.

Yesterday we had a very chilled out day and didn't move. In fact Debi didn't even get out of her pyjamas! I spent the day on deck polishing the steel work and removing superfluous pieces of kit that have been attached to the boat for years, mainly from her racing days, that I decided we will very likely never use. Things are looking a lot tidier on deck now.

We also started planning work for the next stage of the X-Pat upgrade. Works are already being organised and we have ordered a new compressor and plate for the fridge to convert it to a fridge freezer. The next time we go on a trip we will have ice in the G&T's!

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